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Rhonda Sorrells’ Nesting Bird Creations

​​​​​​Hello and welcome to my site!

As an artist, I feel called to showcase the beauty of nature.

My creative sights shift to whatever subject matter strikes an emotional chord within me, often including dreamy landscapes, portraits of feathered friends, or dramatic skyscapes, seascapes, and cloudscapes.

I am often compelled to paint scenes which incorporate or allow me to add elements of mystery or whimsy--usually through the vivid use of color or atmospheric effects.

I mainly paint using oils or soft pastel, but I also use watercolor for smaller works, sketching, and color studies, and acrylic when I want to challenge myself to paint fast and loose!

I do my work in a cozy, country studio located in rural Indiana, often pausing to watch the antics of our chickens and goats, where I reside on a hobby farm​​​​​​​ with my husband, my daughter, and my studio dog, Callie.

Here is a sneak peek into my world...